Fire Safety

What to do in case of Fire
In the event of a fire you should:
o Ring 000 and then
o Account for all members of your unit
o Close all outside windows and doors
o Use the fire stairs to vacate the building. Do NOT use the lifts.
o Stay together and assemble outside the front of the building and await further information from an Owners Corporation Representative or a Fire Officer.

Fire Doors
To maximise the effectiveness of Fire Doors please ensure that they are not obstructed or propped open. If you see a fire door propped open, please close it.
Smoke Detectors
On Common Property
Smoke detectors are installed on common property and maintained by the Owners Corporation on behalf of residents.

Inside your units
All units are required by law to have a smoke detector installed. Residents are responsible for the installation and maintenance of the smoke detector inside their own unit.

Annual fire inspections are undertaken to ensure all units are in compliance. These inspections are a legal requirement. You will receive a notice in regards to when these are occurring to ensure someone is home to provide access.

Tip – Ensure you and your guests know where the fire stairs exit door is located on your floor.

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