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Most alterations (including the installation of air conditioning) or additions to your unit need the approval of the Strata Committee of the Owners Corporation and may also require the approval of North Sydney Council. Contact the Managing Agent for further details of the current procedures before you begin any work.

An owner or occupier of a unit must not hang washing, towels, bedding, clothing or any other article on a balcony or in a courtyard if it will be visible from outside the building or from any other unit (By-Law 10). NB: Strata Scheme By-Laws are legally enforceable.

An owner or occupier of a unit must not create any noise likely to interfere with the peaceful enjoyment of the owner or occupant of another unit or of any person lawfully using common property (By-Law 1). Rental agreements may be terminated if this By-law is abused.

Action will be taken against any person continually causing a nuisance in or around the Complex.

North Sydney Council restricts any building work to 7:00 am -5:00 pm Monday to Friday and 8:00 am to 1:00 pm on Saturday.

No Sunday building or construction work is allowed.

North Sydney Council regulations do not permit Domestic Noise between 12 midnight and 8.00 am every day. If a resident is unable to reach an amicable agreement for noise to be reduced within these times contact the on-call Council Ranger alternatively the North Sydney Police. You may also lodge a complaint with our Managing Agent, Bright & Duggan. In all cases you will need to be able to identify the source of the noise and other information such as starting/finishing times and any actions initiated to solve the noise problem.

Pets are not allowed to be kept on the premises except with approval.

Applications should be put in writing to the Owners Corporation c/- Bright & Duggan (By-Law 16).

An owner or occupier of a unit shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that his/her guests do not behave in a manner likely to disrupt the harmony of Pacific Park (By-Law 8).

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